tonight, June 23rd — 2017

Maybe we just need to sit with the hunger for a while to understand what we’re really cravingbefore stuffing ourselves with something that isn’t going to nourish us.”

I am so fortunate to still see the vision of who I want to become … of who I ultimately am.

My name is something I’ve had to come to terms with these last 6 years and I know this should not be a first basis excuse but trust me my name means something.  I gotta be honest first off and foremost, I am the laziest person I know and the most scared.  Maybe there is in fact something wrong with me.  I’m just so darn lucky to be around I guess.  I so fortunate to still know what it’s like to post something on their blog.  I used to daily blog.  Now, I hardly blog.  So doing this is extra special y’all … love y’all.  peace ❤

ps:  that’s the longest i can last these days lol


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